What We Do

Ampion is committed to providing high quality and highly efficient services, designed to suit our client's specific needs and facilitate employer compliance with the provisions of the Regulations. Our growth has gathered considerable momentum because we listen to what our clients' say. Our range of services will keep you safe and ensure you are compliant with relevant Health and Safety Regulations. Services include:


Portable Appliance Testing
  • Introduced to enable companies to comply with Health and Safety Regulations.

    PAT Testing has become a primary method of choice for maintaining electrical safety in the workplace as regulations require that all electrical equipment is safe and maintained to prevent danger. We provide this service to ensure your business remains compliant by testing all portable appliances in the workplace. Read more about Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing)

Fixed Installation Testing


  • A mandatory requirement. It ensures that the natural deterioration and occasional damage that occurs throughout the life of an installation is monitored and idenfified for repair or upgraded if necessary. We will inspect all of the hard wiring in the premises which includes items such as main panels, distribution boards, lighting and socket outlets.

Thermal Imaging (Thermography)


  • This service helps us identify faults before they occur. By using an infra-red camera to test the electrical systems, our engineers can conduct a test from a safe distance and without the need to switch off the system. This allows tests to be carried out at any time causing minimal disruption.

    The camera can detect any areas of excessive and undue heat build-up in your electrical systems. This can be indicative of component failure such as loose or corroded connections and joints, insulation resistance breakdown or worn and pitted parts. These faults and the resulting heat build-up over time can result in a system failure or even become a fire risk. By conducting this type of test, you can detect and prioritise faults before they become dangerous or costly to repair at a later time.

RCD Testing


  • The RCD (Residual Current Device) constantly monitors the electric current flowing through one or more circuits which it is used to protect. The device is in place to detect any instances of electricity flowing down an incorrect path, such as a person who has touched a live part. Once this occurs the RCD will act as a circuit breaker, significantly reducing the risk of death or serious injury. Our engineers will conduct full tests to measure trip times and that each RCD is compliant.

Emergency Lighting


  • Emergency Lighting is a general term and is divided into emergency escape lighting and standby lighting. Both require a regular test and inspection to comply with regulations. This service can be arranged at your convenience as full tests (which can last up to 3 hours) may not be possible during normal working hours. It is recommended that these tests are conducted every 6-12 months and details/outcomes are to be recorded in your emergency lighting logbook.


Fixed Asset and inventory Tracking


  • Efficient asset tracking records the whereabouts and other details for all fixed assets, stock and inventory items. It provides IT decision makers and finance professionals with the facility to record both fixed and portable items, allowing detailed information to be stored against each entry.


Fire Extinguisher Maintenance


  • This must be carried out annually to maintain regulatory standards. The re-filling of foam, water and powder extinguishers must be performed every 5 years - even if the device has never been used.


Building Life Support Systems


  • Lightning Conductor Testing
  • Fire Alarm / Fire Protection
  • Smoke Evacuation Systems
  • Door Access Systems
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Control of Legionella in water systems


HVAC Maintenance


  • PPM & Reactive Maintenance
  • Air Handling Unit Maintenance
  • Ventilation Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Domestic Hot Water Systems
  • Boilers
  • Fan Control Units
  • Building Management System Controls
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Filter Replacement
  • Belt & Motor Inspection
  • Fault Finding & Repair

Fabric & Building Maintenance


  • Building Caretaker Maintenance
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Drainage & Plumbing Services
  • Leaks & Guttering Cleaning
  • Car Park Clearance
  • Inspection of access and ingress
  • Grass Cutting & Power Washing
  • Catering equipment maintenance including filter changes and grill cleaning


Health & Safety Training


  • Basic Health & Safety Awareness
  • Risk Assessment
  • Statutory & Legal Compliance
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Legionella Control
  • Manual Handling
  • Risk Management
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Accident Investigation